The 3 Areas of Tax Services

1. Venn Diagram

As you can see from the image above, we dip into all of these for our clients but we thought it useful to show how much more depth we can go.

Tax Compliance

For many, this might be more than enough and for the majority of your business journey it most likely will be.  This is largely focused on ensuring that naturally all figures are filed correctly and on time and that money is extracted from the business by way of dividends and wages as efficiently as possible.

Tax Advice

This is more aimed at looking at what is "not" there and looking beyond wages and dividends but again is still very much at "surface level" so we comment on what we can see and what we are aware of but this is largely driven by the figures in front of us and conversations started alongside yourself such as around venturing into electric cars along with research and development tax credit claims which are both common conversations that we are currently having with clients.

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Tax Consultancy

Tax consultancy is far wider-ranging exercise that looks far beyond the surface; beneath and above, and looks towards what the bigger picture is.  This will include family circumstances, exit strategies and looks at considering all of the 32 ways to extract value from your business rather than just dipping in and out without a strategy being put in place.

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Tennick support packages



What it includes:

  • Keep you compliant 
  • Provide you with a dedicated HMRC point of contact


What it includes:

  • Real-time information
  • Cash flow management
  • Financial roadmap


What it includes:

  • Real-time business insights
  • Financial and retirement roadmap
  • Accountability and strategic direction