Put your business Legacy First.

Discover how to build a lasting business legacy with our expert financial support.


Building a lasting business benefits your family, community and customers. 

Successful and sustainable businesses don't happen overnight, so we help you with the things you need to get there: strong foundations, great people and sound planning.

Big business decisions are informed by the past, present and the future. Stepping back to review where you have been and where you are going makes a fundamental difference to your long term business ambition. 

We combine three different approaches to support you and your business:

  • Hindsight - Focus your business thoughts on the here and now to maximise current opportunities
  • Foresight - Start to look forward by planning for new opportunities and identifying operational improvements that will keep your business on track
  • Insight - Take confidence in your future forecast and invest in the right things to take you and your business towards the ultimate ambition

Advice to fit your ambition.

You told us what advice would be most useful for you and your business.
So we pulled together some of that useful advice all in one place below.


Four pillars

Four pillars

The Four Pillars on which your business legacy is built

Use our guide to review the four key pillars of People, Processes, Technology and Data including tips to ensure each one is as strong as possible.

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Profit First


An alternative way to think about sales, expenses and profit

We challenge the way you think about how to manage the Sales-Expenses=Profit equation and the core principles you can consider to improve time and cost factors.

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Work Life

Family vs. work vs. you

Achieve success by working out what is best for you, your business and those around you. 

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Business v Health curve 

Understand how to build confidence in the future health trend curves of both you and your business.

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Data MD v2

Data is your new MD

Using the right technology can unlock a potential in data that puts you in charge of your business!

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No need to gamble

Get inspired by second generation business success stories that were transformed by technology.

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Marginal gains  

1% can be all that it takes - find out how identifying marginal gains can have a major collective impact.

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Words Actions

Words, Actions, Results

Find out how to avoid distractions, be effective and take accountability for what you say, do and measure.

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Workshop audience

Take a masterclass

Our new series of masterclass workshops will help you unlock the potential of using hindsight, foresight and insight to shape your business legacy. From 'Quick Win Cash Strategies' to 'Transforming KPI's', you will discover how the right focus will help you and your business.

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Success stories

Businesses benefit positively in different ways from Tennick Support Packages whether they need Hindsight, Foresight or Insight into their finances.

The past two years have seen businesses survive and thrive (despite Covid-19) with success stories ranging from the doubling of turnover and trebling of profit to launching new businesses and turning around failing concerns.

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Tennick support packages

Our different support packages look after you and your business both now and for the future. Contact us to find out more.



Our starter package includes:

  • Automatic data capture and integration of bank feeds
  • Cloud based accounting software
  • HMRC compliance


Everything from Hindsight plus:

  • Real-time financial information
  • Bespoke business insight reports
  • Cash flow management


Everything from Foresight plus:

  • Business and financial roadmaps
  • Bespoke performance measurement dashboard
  • Accountable strategic advisory

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